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Indent Labs is a collection of ambitious natural language processing projects aimed squarely at moonshots in the field of writing, particularly at the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity.

Projects in our pipeline include dynamic prose and poetry generation, in-story analysis and analytics, real-time writing guidance and feedback, alternative storytelling mediums, new ways to interact with and bring characters to life, and so much more.

The first word processor showed up in the 60's and revolutionized writing through technology. Isn't it time for another shift forward?

Graduated Products [open source]

Your notebook is now digital Since 2016

Your digital notebook grows and collaborates with you as you create magnificent universes — and everything within them.

Create a universe (literally) and track every aspect of its characters, locations, items, and more. Our AI writing assistant asks questions about your content, helping you dive deeper than ever into your world.

Retort (open beta) [open source]

Natural language generation as a service Since 2016

Retort's simple natural-language-generation-as-a-service interface enables any application to generate natural responses to user input and speak back.

With over three million word associations and one million online identities indexed, Retort is capable of generating believably contextual text.

Dactyl [open source]

Linguistic fingerprinting as a service Since 2016

Dactyl provides on-demand linguistic fingerprinting capable of authorship detection and baseline comparisons with a super-simple API, useful for any linguistic analysis application to utilize.

Data applications include plagiarism detection, real-time stylistic guidance while writing, authorship prediction, and improvements to Retort's personalized style mirroring.

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Active Lab Projects

These projects are still in active development. They may or may not ever see the light of day (depending on whether we can get cutting-edge tech behind them working!), but they're here to give you an idea of the kind of projects Indent Labs is working on.


Write like the stars

Ghost is a web-based editor for ghostwriters and niche writers that builds off of Dactyl's rich linguistic fingerprinting. Pick a target author and see in real time – as you write – how similar your writing style is to theirs, and what suggestions Ghost has to match them even closer.


Word super-processor

Asimov needs a better phrase than "word processor", but that's a great start to explaining its functionality. Past all the usual functionality, this editor also does entity recognition to figure out who, where, when, and what you're writing about and can show unobtrusive contextual information that's relevant to what you're writing about—without breaking your flow.


Writer's block, blocked

Prompt utilizes AI to generate randomized writing prompts, optimized for the writer generating them. Ideas can be pulled from content stored in, morphed from your existing stories, incorporate trending story topics, or pull from a multitude of other sources specific to you.


Through silicon-tinted glasses

Procedurally generated stories have always been stuff of science fiction, but no longer. From an outline (writer-supplied or generated), Story melds common character archetypes with universal plot arcs to dynamically generate prose for delightful human consumption.


Autoreviewer tagline

Nearly 50% of most first- and second-pass copy editing corrections happen repeatedly, and can be automated with a simple set of rules built on Dactyl's analytics.

Autoreviewer aims not to replace copy and line editors, but rather to augment their workflow and free up their time from small corrections to focus on more complex critique that makes great stories even better.


Manuscript formatting as a service

Every publisher wants your manuscript formatted slightly differently. Different file formats, headers, footers, page sizes, margins, titles, and so on. Convert does that all for you; just upload your manuscript, choose which publishers you're submitting to, and it's done!


The first publishing funnel for publishers and writers

Submit walks writers through the arduous process of preparing their manuscripts for publication. After revising, reviewing, formatting, and soliciting publishers, authors can track their submission status and estimated response time. Submit handles the typically required snail-mail correspondence for you and provides a simple web interface for your new career as an author.

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